I’m Órfhlaith. (Pronounced Orla. I know my name looks scary but it’s just Irish!) Sometimes people call me Ethel but that story is not really relevant here.

I’m 27 and I live in Ireland. Usually in Dublin but I recently quit my teaching job to move to Cork for three months to attend the Ballymaloe Cookery School. I will be posting as much as possible throughout the course to tell you about what I learn, cook and eat. If you like food and pictures of greenery check back in!




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  1. Anne McMorrow says:

    Best of luck with your Ballymaloe course Orfhlaith. Will look forward to reading all about it. – Anne.

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    1. Orla Ethel says:

      Thanks, Phyllis!


  2. k bove says:

    I found you! I will follow right along and let you inspire me. Just putting the first things in the garden here. I won’t post photos as they would PALE next to yours. Lost of love and good wishes for a wonderful course, Auntie Karen

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  3. Sissel Dahl says:

    Love reading you blog. I do not plant anything at all myself, but admire people that do, and like to purchase veggies from farm stands. Your classes sound good very interesting, and I can not wait for you to ok for me.

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    1. Orla Ethel says:

      Thanks, Sissel! I will cook for you anytime


  4. Liz Jones says:

    What a fantastic blog! I’m not sure I’ve ever read one before but this is certainly giving me lots & lots of wonderful food for thought..

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    1. Orla Ethel says:

      Thanks Liz!


  5. kellymcmichael says:

    Órfhlaith, I loved reading your blog. I’m leaving August 31 to attend the September session at Ballymaloe. Any words of advice? Things I should bring with me? Anything you’d do differently? Again, I loved your blog about your experience.
    Kelly McMichael

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    1. Orla Ethel says:

      Thank you, Kelly!
      I am planning on writing a longer article this week with advice about Ballymaloe but in a nutshell : sharpen your knives, get ahead with filing and studying, sit up front in demo, try some of the extras but don’t put pressure on yourself to do it all and enjoy it! There will be difficult moments when you are tired, thirsty and never want to see a loaf of soda bread again but overall you will have an amazing time. It’s a very special place, you’ll love it!


  6. kellymcmichael says:

    awesome. I’ll be watching for you next post. What’s next for you? What will you do with this certification and knowledge?

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