I’m Órfhlaith. (Pronounced Orla. I know my name looks scary but it’s just Irish!) Sometimes people call me Ethel but that story is not really relevant here.

I’m 27 and I live in Ireland. Usually in Dublin but I recently quit my teaching job to move to Cork for three months to attend the Ballymaloe Cookery School. I will be posting as much as possible throughout the course to tell you about what I learn, cook and eat. If you like food and pictures of greenery check back in!



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  1. Anne McMorrow says:

    Best of luck with your Ballymaloe course Orfhlaith. Will look forward to reading all about it. – Anne.

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    1. Orla Ethel says:

      Thanks, Phyllis!


  2. k bove says:

    I found you! I will follow right along and let you inspire me. Just putting the first things in the garden here. I won’t post photos as they would PALE next to yours. Lost of love and good wishes for a wonderful course, Auntie Karen

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  3. Sissel Dahl says:

    Love reading you blog. I do not plant anything at all myself, but admire people that do, and like to purchase veggies from farm stands. Your classes sound good very interesting, and I can not wait for you to ok for me.

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    1. Orla Ethel says:

      Thanks, Sissel! I will cook for you anytime


  4. Liz Jones says:

    What a fantastic blog! I’m not sure I’ve ever read one before but this is certainly giving me lots & lots of wonderful food for thought..

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    1. Orla Ethel says:

      Thanks Liz!


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