I am always on the lookout for a new potato recipe. Okay, gnocchi aren’t new but I had never made them before.  I was surprised by how simple they were. Will definitely be making these again!

I used the recipe from this tome of Italian cooking, The Silver Spoon. 

My potato ricer broke just as I started using it, Murphy’s law! I suppose that’s what you get for being cheap. It only cost $5, while all the others I’ve seen have been at least $25-30. I ended up using  a cheese grater instead which worked just fine. I won’t be rushing out to replace the ricer anytime soon.

I are these for dinner with some red pesto that I bought in the local farmer’s market. I served it with baked aubergine. I apologise for this less than appetising photograph, but by the time it was ready I was too hungry to put much effort into the picture!


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