Sourdough Take 5

Another week, another batch of sourdough.  For the most part the results have improved, or at least been different, with each attempt.

My fourth try was okay.  I tried to save time by using bought potato starch instead of real mashed potato. But the dough was sticky and the bread was dry. Also, I used the dough hook on my mixer rather than hand kneading. It felt like a cop out. I guess the moral of the story is there are no shortcuts to success.

This time I went back to real mashed potato. To maximise the amount of starch I added the potato’s cooking water too.  I also used a new kind of flour – extra strong white flour with added protein. The results were far superior. The bread was dense, chewy and with healthy looking bubbles.


I had told a few girls in work about my sourdough who wanted to try it. Until this batch I hadn’t made a loaf that I felt like giving to non-family members. I know they would have smiled and told me they liked it but out of pity, not honesty!  I was happy enough with this batch so I brought a few slices in for the girls.They seemed excited but then again who doesn’t when presented with baked goods on a Monday?

To make this bread I used :

100g starter

1 potato and its cooking water

Lots of extra strong white flour. Probably 3/4 of a bag for two loaves.

Maldon Salt

First I cooked the potato in a small saucepan. When it was done I used a hand blender to mix it right into the cooking water until it resembled a very thin potato soup.

I measured the starter into a massive bowl and added 2 cups of flour and the potato water. I stirred with a large metal spoon and added a little more water until the sponge was coherent but still a little rough and sticky. I covered this in cling film and left for 8 hours.

After this time it had doubled in size. I tipped it out onto a well floured surface and kneaded, adding more flour and a healthy sprinkling of salt,  for about 10 minutes. I’m still aiming to get a perfect ball of dough but it was nicely springy.

I left it to rise for two hours.

Then I kneaded again, adding a little more flour but less than the first time.

I divided it in two and placed in two loaf tins.

I proofed it for two hours.

Then I baked in the oven at 240C for 20 minutes, turned the oven down to 200C and gave it another 20 minutes.

I leave it to cool for a few hours before I slice it.

I usually freeze one loaf, sliced and placed in a freezer bag, so I can eat nice toast all week for breakfast or with soup for lunch. It is just so so good spread thickly with butter and jam. Or, as I had for Sunday breakfast while reading the papers, with spicy red hummus, avocado, salt and chilli flakes.

Until next time!


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