Sourdough Bread Take 3

It had been weeks since I made sourdough bread. Coming back to real life after a relaxing holiday is never fun but one thing I was genuinely  looking forward to was getting back into the kitchen to continue experimenting with sourdough.

The results this time were far superior to my previous attempts which, although satisfactory, tasted like … attempts. My favourite bread recipe, before getting into sourdough, is Nigella Lawson’s potato bread from How To Be A Domestic Goddess which comes out flawlessly every time. The dough is silky smooth and the finished loaves are always bouncy, springy and just seem professional. I wondered if adding some mashed potatoes to my sourdough would yield similar results and it did.


I used April Danaan’s loose recipe again. I mixed about 4 cups of strong white flour into  1/2 cup of starter with enough water to make a loose dough. I left this sponge overnight and in the morning before the first kneading I added 3 small potatoes which I riced in using my new handy potato ricer. I left it to proof for two hours following the first kneading, then kneaded again, left to proof for another 2 hours and baked for about 40 minutes at 200C. I baked it in a casserole dish this time to ensure a more even shape.


 I was really quite encouraged by the results. I will definitely be keeping the potato as part of my staple recipe. I’ve gotta express my Irishness somehow after all!

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