Blackberry Rye Sourdough Pancakes

A few weeks ago my mother and I went to a talk on fermentation given by natural food expert April Danaan in Wicklow’s most popular spot, The Happy Pear.  We learned about kombucha, ginger bugs, and sourdough baking. April even gave everyone their very own sourdough starter.  My mother promptly killed hers but I took good care of mine and it is alive and kicking. It’s really quite exciting to feed it every week and see how many bubbles form!

I must admit I  am still a little intimidated by the whole process. So instead of making a loaf of bread for my first sourdough attempt I made pancakes – just so in case it was a disaster I wouldn’t waste so many ingredients. Thankfully that didn’t happen. I made The New York Times’ sourdough pancakes and they were fabulous, the perfect special Sunday breakfast. Have you ever experimented with sourdough or any other form of fermentation?

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