Asian Market Haul / Meat Free Monday

One of the upsides of going to work is that I pass the Asian Supermarket on my way home everyday. Walking up and down the aisles reminds me of when I lived in Vietnam and gives me lots of cooking ideas!

Today, as usual, I found some great products at excellent prices. I bought a 2kg bag of lentils for only €5. I also got 3 pounds of noodles for just 95c and a smaller packet of somen noodles for 50c. The noodles were cheap because they have gone out of date but things like that really don’t worry me in the slightest. Food waste is not cute!

Asian Market Haul

I made a simple lentil vegan curry with spicy rice. I love to celebrate Meat Free Monday!

Lentil Curry in Pot

Hope you had a lovely Monday, meat free or otherwise!

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